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121,17 EUR*
Details E8 Shredding Disc für Santos Gemüsehobel

E8 Shredding Disc für Nr. 48 Gemüse Slicer (K308)

160,97 EUR*
Details Waring Commercial WFP14S12 Food Processor Reversible Shredding Disc by Waring

Reversible shredding disc;Made of stainless steel material;Designed specifically for use with WFP14S, WFP14SC and WFP14SW food processors;Perfect for shredding vegetables and fruits for your recipes, salads or buffet;Removable and dishwasher-safe

128,16 EUR*
Details Waring Commercial WFP115 5/32-Inch Food Processor Shredding Disc, Medium by Waring

Medium shredding disc;Made of stainless steel material;Designed specifically for use with WFP11SW and WFP11S food processors;Perfect for shredding hard cheeses, vegetables, fruits and much more for your recipes, salads or buffet;Measures 5/32-inch size

116,25 EUR*
Details I O Shen chinesischen Shredding Messer 16 cm, Inhalt: 3024

Der breiten Klinge chinesischen shredding Messer aus I.O.Shen ist für die Vorbereitung von Gemüse, zum Umrühren und Pommes, orientalischer Gerichte, spezialisiert und Raspeln fest wie Kohl Blattgemüse und Wurzelgemüse wie beetroot., ,The Messer ist ...

21,95 EUR*
Details Shredding Paganini (National Guitar Workshop)

Brand Neu! Auslieferung aus Kalifornien, USA. Lieferung kann möglicherweise zusätzliche Einfuhrgebühren erfordern.

98,46 EUR*
Details Shredding Disc

Scheibe für dynamische Dynacoupe.

21,95 EUR*
Details Shredding Death Metal Guitar | Guitar | Book & CD

Brand Neu! Auslieferung aus Kalifornien, USA. Lieferung kann möglicherweise zusätzliche Einfuhrgebühren erfordern.

11,49 EUR*
Details RSVP Set Of 2 Hand Held Cheese Graters Vegetable Shredding Stainless Steel New

RSVP Endurance Cheese Graters are designed for grating (not shredding) medium to soft cheeses, as well as carrots, squash and potatoes. 4 handles provide a good grip, and non skid edges prevent slipping. 2 grater set, with coarse and medium grating surfa

8,66 EUR*
Details Shredding the Public Interest: Ralph Klein and 25 Years of One-party Government

Alberta had the tightest controls on spending in Canada during the very period when the Klein government has claimed costs were soaring out of control. Now, public programs in Alberta-including health care-have become the most poorly supported in ...

6,99 EUR*
Details Veewon Fleisch Bärentatzen Pulled Pork Shredder Handler Shredding Gabeln Smoked BBQ Grillen von Fleisch Zubehör - 2 Stück

Hergestellt aus schlagfestem Kunststoff und sicher zu stellen, in dem dishwasher.Design von Bärenkrallen inspiriert, diese Fleisch Krallen machen es einfach zu greifen und zu heben gekochtes Fleisch aus dem Ofen oder Grill und einfach das Fleisch mit ...

7,49 EUR*
Details Meat Claw Fleischgabel Pulled Pork Shredder Claws BBQ Tool (MEAT CLAWS)

Advantages of BBQ Meat Claws Lightning Fast Meat Shredding The Ankway BBQ Meat Claws with 6 powerful prongs on each claw for a rapid and condsistent shredding motions in just a few seconds--much more effective than standard meat forks. After you shred ...

12,99 EUR*
Details Trail Shredder Becher, Weiß

If you love taking your mountain bike off the beaten track and shredding trails, then this one's for you.Becher design reads: Trail Shredder Mountain Biking UK

185,77 EUR*
Details Cabbage Shredder

Weston Cabbage Shredder is a fast And easy way to make homemade coleslaw! Great for shredding cabbage or vegetables to make homemade coleslaw or sauerkraut 3 super sharp, Stainless Steel blades Shreds cabbage or leafy vegetables into approximately 1 ...

23,52 EUR*
Details Norpro Reibe grob, silber

Great for shredding cheeses and firm root vegetables;Generous grating surface measures 14 by 5 inches;Sturdy, professional-grade handles on both ends;Made from solid, rust-resistant 18/10 stainless steel;Dishwasher-safe

20,79 EUR*
Details ORBLUE Rotierende Käsereibe

This quality tool makes shredding & grating hard ingredients a snap! See images above. The grating drum is rust-proof stainless steel and the housing is made from sturdy plastic that won't crack or break under stress. The crank handle operates ...

60,27 EUR*
Details Culina 6" Shredder (Julienne) by Culina

Rust-resistant, durable, sharp teethed stainless steel blades. Double edge with 2 different serrations: one with large notches, one with micro teeth for great performance shredding and peeling, Utilitarian professional or home daily use. Made for ...

9,45 EUR*
Details Multi Schichten Schreddern Scissor 5 Schichten KŸche Schere

Beschreibung: Eine neue Mšglichkeit, Ihre KŸche Arbeit viel leichter zu machen! 5 Schichten Shredding Scissor, zum Schneiden, Lauch, Koriander, Lauch, Sellerie-StŸcke, usw. sehr schnell! Auch ideal fŸr Schneiden Nori StŸcke bei ReisbŠllchen und Sushi ...

4,19 EUR*
Details Colgate Total Pro Gum Health Floss

Improves gum health Interdental Floss An important part of your daily oral care regime Helps to reduce gum problems and tooth decay by removing plaque between the teeth and the gums. Slides easily between teeth without shredding.

10,78 EUR*
Details Saver 5 Klingen Edelstahl Küche Herb Craft Schreddern Papierschneidescheren

Beschreibung: Diese Zerkleinerungs Schere sammelt mehr Reihe Schere, das ist eine neue Möglichkeit, Ihre Koch die Arbeit zu erleichtern. 5 Schichten Shredding Scissor, verwendet Schalotte zu schneiden, Koriander, Lauch, Sellerie Stücke, etc. sehr ...

31,96 EUR*
Details Norpro Fruit Vegetable V-Slicer Grater Shredder Mandolin W/ Guard For Canning

Quickly and easily slice, grate, and shred. Five stainless steel blades for fine and coarse grating or shredding.

3,81 EUR*
Details Dritz Quilting Beeswax W/Holder-

DRITZ-Beeswax for Quilting Thread. Beeswax strengthens thread for hand sewing, stabilizes thread to prevent tangling and cut back on shredding, can be used to smooth the surface of iron and makes sticky drawers and windows slide easily. Wax disc ...

8,99 EUR*
Details Let It Bleed (A Rebus Novel)

Struggling through another Edinburgh winter Rebus finds himself sucked into a web of intrigue that throws up more questions than answers. Was the Lord Provost's daughter kidnapped or just another runaway? Why is a city councillor shredding documents ...

8,07 EUR*
Details AnySharp ASMGBLK 3-in-1 Smart Box Reiber, schwarz

Makes small jobs faster, easier and cleaner;Comes with 3 quick click tools for grating, peeling or shredding;Catch all box;Safe, secure grip outer shape;All parts store safely away inside

21,58 EUR*
Details Norpro Mandoline Schneide/Reibe mit Guard

Quickly and easily slice, grate, shred and juice. Includes five stainless steel blades for fine and coarse grating or shredding, 3 7mm slicing/wedge/waffle cuts or 9mm french fry/julienne cuts. Safety food holder doubles as a citrus juicer. Concave ...

6,34 EUR*
Details WOODEN GRATER FOR KOREAN CARROT Russian Ukrainian by Ukraine

WOODEN GRATER FOR KOREAN CARROT size:25x6.5sm(10x2.6 in) stainless steel material: beech not contains plastic Also used for shredding other vegetables. Grater is very easy to use, practical, easy to clean.

5,20 EUR*
Details Plenty Kitchen Roll Fun Prints 2 per pack

About Your Plenty... Thanks to its advanced paper technology, Plenty offers you excellent absorbency and durability (even when wet!) so you can handle and control spills effectively. Plenty lasts so long without shredding - you will be surprised how ...

18,04 EUR*
Details Vol. 3-Work It on Out!

And for the loud crowd, we wrap up with an entirely unissued 1965-66 garage collection! Dig the speaker shredding fury of Rocky and his Friends' Wailers cover You Weren't Using Your Head, the snotball take-a-hike punk of the Jet City Five's Huh and ...

80,68 EUR*
Details Gooseberry Patch Almost Homemade Scrapbook by Gooseberry Patch

Gooseberry Patch-Almost Homemade;With the recipes collected in Almost Homemade you can make yummy fresh-tasting dishes using menu helpers from the cupboard and fridge (products that have already done all the chopping and shredding whisking and ...

17,17 EUR*
Details Plenty Fat White Kitchen Rolls 6 per pack

About Your Plenty... Plenty The Fat One offers excellent absorbency and durability (even when wet). It lasts so long without shredding - you will be surprised how long one single sheet stays intact and for how many purposes you can use Plenty. Plus ...

6,49 EUR*
Details Drop in: Volume One (Tony Hawk's 900 Revolution (Quality))

Drop in Omar Grebes never slows down. When hes not shredding concrete at Ocean Beach Skate Park, hes kicking through surf at Imperial Beach or scarfing down fish tacos from the nearest roadside shop. Soon, his wiry six-foot frame and live-or-die ...